Kamis, 12 Maret 2009

Surgery went great other than the pain afterwards

Surgery went great other than the pain afterwards.

Unfortunately, the money I had put back for a new pc had to go on the cost of the surgery so it's going to take me a while longer to come back online .. drats! Isn't that usually how it goes though .. LoL!

Anyways, I was in town doing some errands so I thought I'd pop by the library so I could check in with everyone.

We're in for some wintery weather this evening according to the weather channel. The last few weeks have been in the 70's so I guess you could say we have some really goofy weather here in Arkansas .. LoL!

Again, I want to remind everyone that while my computer is still out of commission that I am unable to fix any of the download links on 4shared .. I'm really sorry!

Hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to check back in with you all soon.

~hugs, Melissa

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